**The Revelation of Love**

The moment you first meet the gaze of *Amabelle*, your heart will freeze. The exquisite Mikado of mermaid-shaped fabric wraps around the figure, creating a flawless canvas for one of the most exciting moments of your life.

Romantic bridal gown with 3D flowers

* **Audacious Tenderness**
The open top of the design adds a trickle of seduction and mystery, instilling in your image a unique play of light and shadow. Striking the imagination, *Amabelle* deftly balances mystery and charm.

💫 **Royal Elegance**
The mikado fabric, regally draped and shimmering under the ceremonial lights of the ballroom or the warm glow of the sunset on the beach, makes every turn of the dance truly magical. Whether it's footsteps on the red carpet or the sand under your feet, you are the queen of the night.

3D floral embellishments on Mikado dress

🌺 **Polka Flowers in Three Dimensions**
Manually created 3D flowers come to life on the fabric, giving the image depth and texture. Like a sea breeze carrying the scent of blooming gardens, each flower tells of passion, dreams and boundless love.

👰**Harmony of Hearts**
Amabelle is not just a wedding dress. It is a bridge between a dream and its realization, between a modern woman and the endless romance that she embodies when she steps down the aisle.

Exquisite flower detailingon wedding dress

With this dress, every story becomes a legend, and every twist is an opportunity to win hearts and turn all heads in your direction. **Amabelle** is created for those who choose to be unique, brilliant and eternally in love.